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Registration / info


Click HERE to check your registration status. It shows registered archers only after payment is received (if you pay with PayPal the confirmation is immediate, while if you pay with the wire transfer we need a few day to have the bank's confirmation)


Pre-registrations to WBHC 2017 are possible from 22nd July 2016, at 13:00 CET, using the online registration form on the WBHC 2017 website. An email address is required for each participant (you cannot use the same address for multiple pre-registrations).
The registration is open to all IFAA associated archers on a "first come" basis.

Registration will only be accepted and recorded on the website after payment of the registration fee is received. Please note that you have just 30 days (for registrations' reopening payments' deadline is September 30th, 2016) to pay the entry fee from the opening date of the pre-registration (without payment your pre-registration will be automatically deleted). 

Entries are limited to 1600 archers. Only the first 1600 who will confirm their registration form with fee's payment will be allowed to shoot and put on the registered archers' list. Payment's date will be preferential in case of registrations over 1600. This number may  be increased to max 1680 archers, if the spread of styles over the ranges allows this. Registration for each style (for instance, AMBHR) is limited to 336 archers. No exceptions will be made

End of registration: 31st March 2017 (except re-opening for specific divisions and styles)


Veterans, Adults & Young adults:
    - Until 31st December 2016: EUR 150,00
    - From 1st January 2017: EUR 180,00

Juniors & Cubs:
    - Until 31st December 2016: EUR 70,00
    - From 1st January 2017: EUR 100,00


    Name of bank: BANCA PAPOLARE COMMERCIO E INDUSTRIA - filiale Milano Meda
    IBAN: IT 70 J 05048 01657 000000021573
    Payments must include all bank charges.

    Please state your name and registration number!

Send a request by email to showing IBAN account number, SWIFT code, Bank name and Account holder name.

    - 90% of the entry fee if you cancel before 30th November 2016
    - 50% of the entry fee if you cancel from 1st December 2016 to 31st March 2017
    - No refund for cancellation from 1st April 2017

Please note: all costs for refund payments will be charged